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2017 Kia Soul LX Kia 

2017 Kia Soul LX

2017 Kia Soul LX, A 1.6 L turbo engine is available with 201 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque providing a more dynamic driving experience. It comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, but a six-speed automatic is also available. The conventional Soul is equipped with a naturally aspirated, 1.6L four-cylinder engine. The compact Kia Soul has been available in a fully electric version with a 150-kilometer operating range.


2017 Kia Soul LX
2017 Kia Soul LX


2017 Kia Soul LX Price:

Base price: $17,395 (CAD)


2017 Kia Soul LX Engine:

Transmission: 6-speed manual (base)6-speed automatic
Drivetrain: FWD
CO₂ emissions: 4,069 Kg/Year
Type: I-4 1.6 litre
Power: 130 hp @ 6,300 rpm (97 kW)
Torque: 118 lb·ft @ 4,850 rpm (160 N·m)
Induction: Atmospheric
Bore: 77 mm
Stroke: 85 mm
Fuel type: Regular


2017 Kia Soul LX Vehicle type/Category:

Vehicle type: SUV
Category: Subcompact SUV
Assembly: Gwangju, KR
Generation: 2
What’s new: N/A


2017 Kia Soul LX Fuel efficiency / Autonomy:

City: 9.7 l/100 km
Highway: 7.8 l/100 km
Autonomy: 557 km


Kia Soul LX Infotainment/Connectivity:

Apple CarPlay compatible: Yes
Android Auto compatible: Yes


Kia Soul LX Safety/Suspension:

Steering: rack and pinion, electric assistance
Traction control: Yes
Stability control: Yes
Seat belts: 5
Airbags: 6
Front suspension: independent, Macpherson strut
Rear suspension: semi-independent, torsion beam


Kia Soul LX Brakes/Tires:

Front brakes: disc (ABS)
Rear brakes: disc (ABS)
Front tires: P205/60R16
Rear tires: P205/60R16


Kia Soul LX Dimensions/Weight:

Length – Width – Height: 4,140 mm (163 in)1,800 mm (71 in)1,600 mm (63 in)
Wheelbase: 2,570 mm (101 in)
Front track: 1,575 mm (62 in)
Rear track: 1,588 mm (63 in)
Weight: 1,277 Kg (2,815 lbs)
Weight distribution front-rear: N/A


Kia Soul LX Capacities:

Passengers: 5
Fuel tank: 54 l (14 gal)
Trunk: 532 to 1,402 l (19 to 50 ft³)
Towing: Not recommended
Box length: N/A


Kia Soul LX Performance:

Power to weight ratio: 75.0 W/Kg
0-100 km/h: 10.5 s
80-120 km/h: 8.5 s
Top speed: N/A
Braking distance: N/A


Kia Soul LX Warranty:

Base warranty: 5 Years / 100,000 km
Powetrain warranty: 5 Years / 100,000 km


2017 Kia Soul LX Insurance/The Car Guide rating:

Insurability rating: 10/10
Fuel economy: 7/10        
Reliability: 7/10
Safety:  10/10
Infotainment: 8/10      
Driving: N/A
Overall: 7/10        
Average: 79%


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